The Kingsmill Tradition

William Kingsmill started Kingsmill Foods in 1947 and he is remembered by his exceptional product development talents; dedicated to the highest standards of quality and commitment to giving his customers the best service in the industry. In his time he developed sources of unique, high-quality products with superior taste profiles for retail, café, vending and gifting markets.

Dorion Kingsmill worked along side her father for over 30 years and today, the Kingsmill tradition lives on. A team of dedicated professionals continues to bring Dorion and her father's vision to life by consistently delivering quality products, innovated ideas and superior customer service.

Today Kingsmill Foods is a private company, professionally managed by a seasoned team of industry veterans with experience in large multi-national companies and small entrepreneurial. Growing rapidly by partnering with our customers to launch new products that consumers love. Throughout this process, Kingsmill focuses on consistently staying ahead of trends while mutually driving long term growth and profitability with its customers.