Fruit Smoothies and Frappés:

- Using fresh ingredients, Kingsmill has the capability to produce tasty cold beverages that all consumers can enjoy.

- Flavours include strawberry, mango, banana, other fruit flavours and a wide variety of chocolate flavours

Cocktail Mixes:

- Creating tasty summer drink options, Kingsmill has focused on supply consumers with cocktail mixes that can be enjoyed during hot seasons.

- Some cocktail mixes include a variety of flavours of margarita, mojito and cosmopolitan

Over Ice:

- Understanding that consumers often prefer a cold option to their favourite hot beverages, we have created a large inventory of choice for drinks served over ice.

- These drinks include a wide variety of favours in tea, lemonade and coffee forms.

Health and Wellness:

- In today’s society, more individuals are becoming health cautious. To satisfy their needs we offer beverages that are low in fat and calorie count which include healthy ingredients. Along side these beverages, we create beverages that are high in protein and provide additional vitamins.

Custom Cold Beverages:

- We are capable of producing any custom beverages for our costumers.