Hot Chocolate:

Using the finest cocoa, we take extra pride to ensure that we supply customers with the richest tasting hot chocolate

We offer a wide variety of hot chocolate such as creamy milk, dark, white and hazelnut flavoured


Cappuccinos and Lattes:

Flavourful specialty drinks are created to a truly spectacular experience when you add one of our mixes.

Creating many styles of beverages, we aim to satisfy all consumers through the production of styles such as French Vanilla, English Toffee, Mochaccino and many others.

Tea and Coffee:

Using only the finest growers and flavours from around the world, Kingsmill Foods looks to create the best quality hot beverages.

Some of our most popular flavours include chai, green, blueberry, peppermint

Custom Beverages:

We are capable to produce any custom beverages for our costumers.