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About Kingsmill

Kingsmill was established in 1947 as a manufacturing facility for beverage and food products.


With over 75 years of experience in developing and producing specialty beverages, we are proud to continuously drive growth for our national brand and private label customers.


By maintaining a strong presence in retail grocery and food service, we have been able to create a competitive and versatile line of products. Supplying both powders and liquids in multiple formats, we can provide a large variety of beverage solutions.

Our goal is to continue to innovate and develop new industry leading products. 


Kingsmill will continue to innovate and develop new industry leading products. Through research and development we will continue to grow and provide our customers with high quality beverage products.

Research and Development
Economies of Scale
Robust Manufacturing

With on-site R&D capabilities, and a team of Food Scientists and Certified Baristas, we have built an endless flavour library. 

On-going trend analysis is conducted domestically and internationally to ensure Kingsmill is providing innovative solutions before they emerge

Kingsmill strategically leverages economies of scale of both ingredient and packaging inventory to provide highly competitive quotes for Branded and Private Label products. Through obtaining exporting sugar quota, Kingsmill has extended our competitive advantage over US manufactures by purchasing sugar at the World Sugar Price (which is substantially cheaper than US Sugar Prices).

Our flexible powder mixing and packaging capabilities have expanded to include more packaging types/sizes, as well as increasing the line speed drastically. Similarly, we have implemented and continue to invested in liquid manufacturing to grow our product offering and capacity.


Our Past

In the early 2000s, Kingsmill made a full transition to beverage manufacturing to capitalize on the growing product category.


Currently, Kingsmill has leveraged economies of scale and strong Private Label Partnerships to continue to grow domestically and internationally.


In 1947, Kingsmill was created as a food manufacturing company in Scarborough, Ontario.

With a strong focus on baked goods, Kingsmill was positioned as a leader in upcoming trends.


By emphasizing Research and Development, Kingsmill developed ciliac-friendly foods in the 1990s.


This helped drive the importance of investing in new processing machinery, leading to the installation of liquid-beverage production capabilities in the 2010s.

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