Sweetend Matcha Green Tea

NEED DESCRIPTION By blending traditional Matcha Green Tea with ingredients including sugar and dairy, we have created a smooth and delicious Matcha Latte.

Product Code: 2972

Kosher / Halal / Organic / Fair Trade Status: Not applicable

Net Weight: 500g

Shelf Life: 548 days

Suggested Directions: 28g per 6 fluid oz

Sweetend Matcha Green Tea

Packaging Details

mylar bag in corugated case, 10 x 500grams

Nutrition Information

Calories (kcal)398.2

Fat (g)0.26

Saturated Fat (g)0.07

Trans Fatty Acid (g)0

Total Carbohydrates (g)96.5

Total Dietary Fiber (g)4.18

Total Sugars (g)90.38

Protein (g)2.44

Cholesterol (mg)0

Sodium (mg)1.5

Potassium (mg)171.08

Calcium (mg)57.01

Iron (mg)2.29


Sugars (sugar), matcha tea.