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Kingsmill emphasizes providing sustainable solutions for our customers.

By continuously dedicating resources to the Research and Development of sustainable options, we can help lead the change to more sustainable materials for consumer products.


Kingsmill has made partnerships with Fair Trade Canada and Rain Forest Alliance, we are proud to support sustainably sourced ingredient providers.


By working closely with our packaging suppliers, we are constantly exploring new packaging materials which are more easily recyclable. These packaging components are continuously evolving as retail packaging enters a critical moment.

Image by Noah Buscher

Kingsmill is a proud member of the How2Recycle, a program that helps to contribute to improving and increasing clean streams of recycled material. We show extra effort towards packaging recyclability by including labels that convey to consumer how to recycle a package. Being a member also keeps us up to date with recommendation to improve the recyclability of our packaging , demonstrating leadership and promoting consumer responsibility on recycling

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